Feb. 22, 2021

11 to go - 4x4x48

11 to go - 4x4x48

Monday 22nd Feb

11 Days out..

Running for Alzheimers Society

Decided to blog our lead up to the 4x4x48….

Myself in Dubai with a good friend Ian Kingon, and with my brother Kenny in Guernsey in the UK, we are attempting the 4x4x48 David Goggins Challenge.

I now have 3 different 4 mile loops from home to use on the challenge.

Read somewhere today to lower your pace to something like 2/10 of max effort, actually found that quite difficult on today’s runout, couldn’t find a comfortable rhythm until near the end, pace was around 10.5 mins per mile, much harder than I thought to run slower intentionally … 🙈🙈

Started thinking about nutrition and fluids during the two days so need get some ideas on FOOD!

Also the logistics of the whole thing…. 

Sponsorship is coming in so a huge thank you to those who have sponsored this great charity, a real motivation to get this done!

Here’s the JustGiving page, if you’d like to help this great cause: