Feb. 27, 2021

6 to go - 4x4x48

6 to go - 4x4x48

6 Days out..

Running for Alzheimers Society

Paul's Update

Up and at em… heading out for 1st of 3 today, let’s see how we feel after these, should be a good test for keeping fed and watered if nothing else… z🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

#1 done.. steady away.

2 of 3 done today, 23° so a little warmer...... went a little faster too so all good. Some light cereal after this morning’s run and now something a bit more substantial.... 

3 of 3 done and all good, slight niggle in my heels but all good.

Kenny’s Update

The challenge was to do 3 consecutive runs today🤞
First run at 4am
Cold and dark although visibility better with clear sky and moonlight cover
Full hi vis and torch still
Kept on main roads and maintained steady pace to keep 45 mins overall. Felt good although pace is defo gonna drop.
2nd run 8am after a couple of hours sleep and some light nosh for energy.
Pace slow at start but finished under 45mins. Nice and cool out so made run easier. Time for proper brekkie to build up for final run of day at 12🤞
Third run after a decent brekkie and a rest. 
Warmest run so far and defo glad sun is out. Energy sapping towards the end. Bit of a coastal run with best time of day just over 44mins. Time for big lunch and a rest.