Feb. 24, 2021

9 to go - 4x4x48

9 to go - 4x4x48

Wednesday 24th Feb

9 Days out..

Running for Alzheimers Society

Kenny's Update

Very early start at 5am to map out a decent route. Felt surprisingly fresh but i know the reality is going to be much different. 
As expected was full Hi vis and torch as no street lights but stuck to main roads so clear all the way.
Just under the 44 mins in total so timing ok 
Need to map out another route for variety as the 8pm/12pm and 4am runs all gonna be like this in complete darkness.


Paul’s Update

First of two runs today, 28° and 47% humidity at 1 in the afternoon,,,😎😎, gonna need a hat for the midday and afternoon runs…. 

Been running different 4 mile routes all week, first time I’ll have tackled 2 of them in the same time window for the challenge….

Found a pair of socks that I won’t be using on the day though so bonus there, blisters are not good at this point..🤣🤣

2nd run in 2 hours…

2nd run done, a bit cooler at 26° for this run. Started a bit slow but got a steady rhythm going and kept same pace as earlier run.

Top tip though, don’t eat bread in between runs.. 🙈 Heartburn for most of the run.. 🤣🤣🤣